if i win the lottery讲一段话

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if i win the lottery讲一段话
if i win the lottery

if i win the lottery讲一段话
When I win the lottery my first step is to give God His share.Then,I would consult a financial advisor for the wisest way to invest most of the winnings.Of course,I would buy a home,a car,and go on a nice vacation,but I would also make equal donations to members of my extended family.The best part of winning would be the security of investing for a comfortable future for myself and my chilren.I think the key is to stay grounded.


if i win the lottery讲一段话 If I ________ the lottery,I would go traveling around the world.A.won B.win C.will win if i win the lottery,i will________我会把一半的钱捐给四川,帮助灾民重建家园 If I ___the lottery ,I ____ give most of the money to poor people.用虚拟语气吗?A.win,will B.won ,would win the ship's lottery怎么翻译啊? 问英语题(达人进)Common errors1.If you cool water,it will turn into ice.2.If you will plant seeds in soil,they grow.3.If I'll swim every day this summer,I'll be very healthy.4.What do you buy if you win the lottery this week?Match the actio get a A:i'd go round the world if i won the lottery.B:we're not likely to win,so let's come down to earth anyway.A:i'd be happy if i got a riseB:well i'm not likely to get a rise.get a rise get a rise if you win a lottery of millionwill you buy an apartment in the city or in the country?why?100字数左右 我不是要翻译! 英语翻译all.Common expressions that exemplify this belief are,If only I had more money ,I'd be happy.Money talks.When I'm rich,I won't have to putup with this stuff.If I could win the lottery,all my problems would be solved. 要说出为什么选择这个答案!1.Have you_______up with a good idea?A.came B.caught C.come D.got2.What would you do if you_____the lottery?I ____give half of the money to charities.A.win,will B.win,would C.won,will D.won,would3.What ____you do it ,would,the,one,if,i,give,million,the,charity,dollars,in,had,lottery,to,i 组成句子 I will p____ you if we win the game If I won the lottery,I _______ a big house.A will buy B would buy C would have bought 中彩票用英语怎么说是beat,hit,还是win the lottery? work,he,doesnot,will,day,and,dreams,that,he,win,lottery,the,all连词成句 这句英语My Lottery win lottery是什么意思? I won the lottery I would...求一篇英语作文! I'll invite you to my home,if I win the prize 这句话对吗?